Wednesday, 18 July 2012

get the SKINny pt.2 Goodnight Sweetheart

Night time regime starts with the obvious makeup removal. I use Superdrug's own (noticing a pattern?) fragrance free baby wipes. I started using these when I went to Leeds Fest last year because they're cheap and you get 80 in a pack which is a definite bonus because they last for AGES! They remove makeup the exact same as proper face wipes so you may as well get the cheaper option if it does the same job! I only use one normally so technically they last for 80 days?
Cotton Soft Baby Wipes Fragrance Free 99p, Superdrug

Nivea Visage Eye MakeUp Remover £3.39
Next I use an eye make up remover. This Nivea one I bought today isn't actually all the rave because although it smells fresh and removes mascara really well, it isn't the same story for my trusty gel eyeliner. You have to use a fair bit of the remover to get the eyeliner off and have to scrub a little bit which is not good for your eyes in the long run (wrinkles anyone?) It might get better with using it though as today is trial day!

I then use a cleansing milk. This is probably my favourite part of my regime because you really don't need much but it really makes me feel like I've got rid of the long day before me. I use Superdrug's own (lol) cleansing lotion in camomile. It smells lovely and you can really see the dirt on your face removed that hasn't been caught by the wipes. You pour a little into your hand and rub all over your face and neck, use a cotton pad to remove. 
Tea Tree Witch Hazel Night Treatment Gel £2.99, Boots
Cleansing Lotion in Camomile 99p, Superdrug
Next up is my tea tree night time moisturiser. It's not as strong smelling as my morning lotions, which is good because i find tea tree smells wake me up more which I don't want before beddybyes! Only need a little splodge and it's a thin gel, it's perfect for bedtime because it isn't too thick and heavy.
Lastly i use my trusty sudocrem on spots again, applying a bit more so it can soak in whilst I'm sleeping. 

So there you go, full cleansing routine, bit lengthy but thanks for taking the time to read, my favourite is definitely the cleansing lotion because it smells so nice and clean and I always feel rid of all makeup after using it. I would love to hear what your fave cleansing items are! 
R x

get the SKINny pt.1 Morning Sunshine

So I thought I'd show you my daily skincare regime. My skin is sort of a mix of dry and oily, being dry around my nose and oily on my forehead and chin. It's in quite good condition at the moment and I only get the odd small breakout.
Tea Tree Foaming Face Wash £2.99/ Daily Exfoliating Face Wash £2.59
Both Superdrug own.

I start in the morning with a good face wash, my favourite is this Superdrug's own Tea Tree foaming face wash. I use it with a cheap exfoliator sponge and it's a great wake up call! It says to use 2-3 pumps but you really only need 1-2 as it foams up as soon as it leaves the bottle and it's enough to cover your whole face. It's so refreshing and I feel squeaky clean after using it! I also sometimes use the Superdrug's own daily exfoliating face wash which smells of camomile and is nicer to use every other day to get a proper pore cleanse.

 After washing I use
a tea tree moisturiser all over the face which carries on the morning refresh, then trusty Sudocrem on spots.

L - Superdrug's Tea Tree Moisturiser £2.99 R - Sudocrem (from Superdrug) £3.49

R x

Sunday, 8 July 2012

torch, outings and other stuff

So as we all know the olympic torch goes through pretty much every town, yes it came to my teeny town in North Yorkshire!
I was at work but as we make flags we are very British and all gave up work for half an hour to go and watch the changing of the torch. Luckily we got a good spot and were quite close to the fella receiving it.

In other news, went to visit my flatmates in Manchester, had a terrible time with the weather and trains but other than that it was lovely! Shopped in the Trafford, ate lovely food and went to the pub in the evening to meet her new man, we approve!
Next day we went to watch 'The Five Year Engagement' which I have to say was incredibly funny! Drank lots of coffee and ate so much good food, it was a nice weekend catching up with them as we can't see each other often what with it being 'summer' at the moment! Counting down the days until I move back to uni!
R x

 Left - Torch Man! Right - The most hysterical beer mat ever known to man!

I say "Rizzle"


So for my birthday treat my best friend bought me tickets to go and see our fave boys (again)!
We saw them at the same venue in March but this time was sooo much better! We had a drink and got a good spot, danced and sang our hearts out, and took about 10 million photos of the handsome lads, it was a brilliant night and they really brought the house down, their music and energy is upbeat and just gets you in the mood to have a really great time! They did a cover of Ed Sheeran's "You Need Me, I Don't Need You" and it was brilliant! They humped so much they're mama's would be proud (oo-er) and when they go off, just before the encore, they play ghostbusters theme tune which gets the crowd pumping again, knowing the best is yet to come! DOWN WITH THE, WHAAAA, "Down With The Trumpets" is definitely my all time favourite song by the band, just after "Miss Cigarette", "When I Was a Youngster" and "Traveller's Chant" which they played all really well, the atmosphere was insane. I always love live music as it really gets you going, and all on my birthday which made it even more special! Rizzle Kicks, you beauties!
R x

Yo shawty, it's yo birthday

Well, it isn't, but it was on 3rd June.
Celebrations started on the first, with a visit from my birthday Aunty (we share the same day!), a day trip to Leeds with my besty on the Saturday, which we enjoyed lunch and a well needed catch up in a cute out-of-the-way cafe, and a birthday tea with the Fam. Then came the 'big day', turning 19, months after practically every one of my friends, but it was here. Went back to Uni for a gig and nights out (one of which was 'night in the pub turned night on the town'). I had the best time and probably one of my best birthdays ever! good catch up with the uni and college lot, just generally happyness all round!
R x

Birthday Rizzles/cocktails and luvvly jubbly food @ slug & lettuce/mum's photo skillz/birthday breakfast (birthday sausage ;))/mini wine on the train to Preston/RIZZLE KICKS <3

summery (?)

Ok, update: I have neglected blogging for a few months so a lot has happened since I last posted, need to sort this out and get some sort of organisation going!

going to do a few different posts involving birthday stuff, new purchases, nights out and a gig review of sorts, stay tuned!

R x

Friday, 20 April 2012

17 Lip Stain

17 Lip Stain in Berry Crush £4.99

This is probably one of my favourite makeup purchases ever. I've tried lip stains before, but they were darker shades so as the sun has been showing it's face a few times recently, I've been looking for a lighter shade. I chose this colour because I suit pinks more than dark shades, the colour is still bright but more subtle. I love that it comes with a lip balm on one end as it keeps my lips soft and doesn't dry out.
I haven't really tried 17 products before as they're cheaper I haven't really given them a chance, but this is honestly really lovely. I'll definitely be going back to get one in every colour! 

Sooo slack.

Been well over a month since I've posted, I'm so crap.
But anyway, Rizzlekicks were AMAZING, honestly had such a good time, but that was the last time I saw my besty, sad face :(
Been home for Easter, got myself a nice little job working with my mum, so that's all good.
Student loan finally arrived so been doing a spot of shopping, no where near as much as I would've liked to have done though!
L-R; Primark blazer, 17 lip stain, Look magazine, Burgundy shirt, Lilac shirt, Grey dress - all Primark

Also bought a Topshop by Rare playsuit and silk running shorts online, which have not arrived yet, boo! So I went and bought a tan skater skirt from the actual store, which I wore Monday night as it was my first night back at Uni after Easter! :)

Thursday, 1 March 2012


I've also ordered this t-shirt, worn by Jordan on the night of the Brit Awards. I loved it straight away and will most likely cut the sleeves and wear baggy with a pair of leggings. 
My best friend also bought the one Harley was wearing!
There is method behind the madness.. she's coming to visit me this weekend and we're going to see RizzleKicks at my student club, literally down the road from my flat. It's her christmas present from me and I cannot wait to see her! 

Recent Purchases

Sorry I haven't posted for a while, still new to this and been proper busy with uni work such as stressful photoshoots and I've been at home with the family all last week so been busy busy!

Thought I'd just show you all what I've bought recently, not too interesting atm as having a student budget is not the best thing in the world...

Weekly More! mag, three new books from Amazon (searched Jill Mansell and the other two were recommendations, currently reading 'Pear Shaped' and I'm hooked already!) and the DaisyStreet shoes I've been lusting after!

In other news, it's been decided that I am definitely going on holiday! Well, if I can sort the money and my passport out before July anyway..

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Mulberry A/W '12

So at 10am this morning, I sat down in front of my MacBook screen and settled in to watch the Autumn/Winter 2012 Mulberry Catwalk Show and it's safe to say it was amazing!

Creative Director Emma Hill & the Monster
The show's theme was monsters and this was shown by two huge specially made monsters either side of the catwalk.

There were furs mixed with leather and lace, long coats cinched in with skinny belts, silky prints, bodycon dresses and also a paint splatter effect print, which was my personal favourite. With big knitted scarves which I just wanted to wrap myself up in.
The whole collection was made up of nudes, browns, greys, blacks and a big splash of tangerine orange! The colours were amazing, very autumn-y.

The models wore chunky lace-up boots with a wooden wedge, they had their hair pinned up in cute fluffy plaits and wore barely-there makeup.

And then the bags. Well they were just beautiful as always!

The FROW was filled with Glamour Ed Jo Elvin, Pixie Geldof, Michelle Williams, Olivia Palermo Elizabeth Olsen and Lana Del Ray - all of whom looked beautiful! Lana was also sporting the Mulberry 'Del Ray' bag, which was of course named after her.
Pixie Geldof, Michelle Williams, Olivia Palermo, Elizabeth Olsen, Lana Del Ray

Mulberry is my favourite designer label, and from shows like this, it will continue to be! 

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Lust Label is my favourite new found online store!
Found through Facebook, I instantly fell in love with the shoes, then today whilst browsing (a constant part of my life), I came across the clothing as well! They also do accessories such as cute bags, Barry M nail varnish, belts and jewellery etc.


The pieces and prices are to die for! I love the cute names they have for each item, I've already bought the Suzie Slipper in Leopard and I can't wait to get one of these lovely dresses. Definitely a firm favourite and I will most certainly be back for more soon!

New Beginnings

So I say it every time but this time is fo' reals.
I have made a blog and I intend to keep at it this time!
To be fair I should really get one up and running 'cos of Uni and such but I normally give up after about 2 posts, HA!