Sunday, 8 July 2012

Yo shawty, it's yo birthday

Well, it isn't, but it was on 3rd June.
Celebrations started on the first, with a visit from my birthday Aunty (we share the same day!), a day trip to Leeds with my besty on the Saturday, which we enjoyed lunch and a well needed catch up in a cute out-of-the-way cafe, and a birthday tea with the Fam. Then came the 'big day', turning 19, months after practically every one of my friends, but it was here. Went back to Uni for a gig and nights out (one of which was 'night in the pub turned night on the town'). I had the best time and probably one of my best birthdays ever! good catch up with the uni and college lot, just generally happyness all round!
R x

Birthday Rizzles/cocktails and luvvly jubbly food @ slug & lettuce/mum's photo skillz/birthday breakfast (birthday sausage ;))/mini wine on the train to Preston/RIZZLE KICKS <3

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