Sunday, 8 July 2012

torch, outings and other stuff

So as we all know the olympic torch goes through pretty much every town, yes it came to my teeny town in North Yorkshire!
I was at work but as we make flags we are very British and all gave up work for half an hour to go and watch the changing of the torch. Luckily we got a good spot and were quite close to the fella receiving it.

In other news, went to visit my flatmates in Manchester, had a terrible time with the weather and trains but other than that it was lovely! Shopped in the Trafford, ate lovely food and went to the pub in the evening to meet her new man, we approve!
Next day we went to watch 'The Five Year Engagement' which I have to say was incredibly funny! Drank lots of coffee and ate so much good food, it was a nice weekend catching up with them as we can't see each other often what with it being 'summer' at the moment! Counting down the days until I move back to uni!
R x

 Left - Torch Man! Right - The most hysterical beer mat ever known to man!

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