Thursday, 1 March 2012


I've also ordered this t-shirt, worn by Jordan on the night of the Brit Awards. I loved it straight away and will most likely cut the sleeves and wear baggy with a pair of leggings. 
My best friend also bought the one Harley was wearing!
There is method behind the madness.. she's coming to visit me this weekend and we're going to see RizzleKicks at my student club, literally down the road from my flat. It's her christmas present from me and I cannot wait to see her! 

Recent Purchases

Sorry I haven't posted for a while, still new to this and been proper busy with uni work such as stressful photoshoots and I've been at home with the family all last week so been busy busy!

Thought I'd just show you all what I've bought recently, not too interesting atm as having a student budget is not the best thing in the world...

Weekly More! mag, three new books from Amazon (searched Jill Mansell and the other two were recommendations, currently reading 'Pear Shaped' and I'm hooked already!) and the DaisyStreet shoes I've been lusting after!

In other news, it's been decided that I am definitely going on holiday! Well, if I can sort the money and my passport out before July anyway..