Wednesday, 18 July 2012

get the SKINny pt.2 Goodnight Sweetheart

Night time regime starts with the obvious makeup removal. I use Superdrug's own (noticing a pattern?) fragrance free baby wipes. I started using these when I went to Leeds Fest last year because they're cheap and you get 80 in a pack which is a definite bonus because they last for AGES! They remove makeup the exact same as proper face wipes so you may as well get the cheaper option if it does the same job! I only use one normally so technically they last for 80 days?
Cotton Soft Baby Wipes Fragrance Free 99p, Superdrug

Nivea Visage Eye MakeUp Remover £3.39
Next I use an eye make up remover. This Nivea one I bought today isn't actually all the rave because although it smells fresh and removes mascara really well, it isn't the same story for my trusty gel eyeliner. You have to use a fair bit of the remover to get the eyeliner off and have to scrub a little bit which is not good for your eyes in the long run (wrinkles anyone?) It might get better with using it though as today is trial day!

I then use a cleansing milk. This is probably my favourite part of my regime because you really don't need much but it really makes me feel like I've got rid of the long day before me. I use Superdrug's own (lol) cleansing lotion in camomile. It smells lovely and you can really see the dirt on your face removed that hasn't been caught by the wipes. You pour a little into your hand and rub all over your face and neck, use a cotton pad to remove. 
Tea Tree Witch Hazel Night Treatment Gel £2.99, Boots
Cleansing Lotion in Camomile 99p, Superdrug
Next up is my tea tree night time moisturiser. It's not as strong smelling as my morning lotions, which is good because i find tea tree smells wake me up more which I don't want before beddybyes! Only need a little splodge and it's a thin gel, it's perfect for bedtime because it isn't too thick and heavy.
Lastly i use my trusty sudocrem on spots again, applying a bit more so it can soak in whilst I'm sleeping. 

So there you go, full cleansing routine, bit lengthy but thanks for taking the time to read, my favourite is definitely the cleansing lotion because it smells so nice and clean and I always feel rid of all makeup after using it. I would love to hear what your fave cleansing items are! 
R x